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Welcome to Get Yourself Active. We are here to find ways to get active in your local area in a way that is right for you.

Get Yourself Active – at Home! 


Get Yourself Active are here to help you to find ways to keep active at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

We have collected some of the best resources to stay active which you can on the Active@Home section of our website.

As well as this, we have released our own inclusive and accessible videos based on research with disabled people and people with long term health conditions. Head over to our YouTube channel to see all of the videos!


We are helping disabled people leading change in the social care, health and sport sectors to improve health and wellbeing outcomes

Get Yourself Active knows that far more needs to be done in terms of understanding what challenges disabled people face in accessing physical activity. This includes how the disability and sport sectors can best provide disabled people with a choice of accessible, encouraging and innovative physical activities. Over the last four years Get Yourself Active has built upon its evidence-base, which has led to the following three strands of work: local coordinator, social worker guidelines and co-production.

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Disabled People’s User Led Organisations (DPULOs) can play a significant role in:

  • Influencing social care and health professionals to have conversations about physical activity;
  • Brokering links between disabled people and local sports providers;
  • Offering an appropriate level of support to help the individual attend their chosen physical activities.
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Social workers have told us that they do not always know how to talk to disabled people about the benefits of being active

We have co-produced guidance with social workers to support with asset based approaches to discussing the opportunities and outcomes brought about by physical activity. We are working on making these accessible to other social care and health disciplines.

Click on this link to view the Social workers’ guidelines.

It is time to change provision of physical activity and sport to disabled people

  • Sport and leisure should give disabled people the chance to share their lived experience;
  • Disabled people’s user led organisations can help to embed these voices in design, development and delivery of sport and leisure provision.
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By working together with disabled people, partners and stakeholders in different ways, we know that more disabled people will be active in a way that’s right for them

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