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We are using Word-Bank

img4Word-Bank helps you to get the most out of the information on the Get Yourself Active website. Word-Bank highlights words which might sometimes be hard to understand and explains what they mean. We are using Word-Bank because we think it is important that people using the website have as much understanding as possible of the information we are providing.

So how do you use it? All you have to do is click the little black arrow to the left of the screen and turn Word-Bank on or off. When it is turned on you should see that some words are highlighted and underlined. When you click on these words you should get either a short explanation, often with a picture.

Who has developed Word-Bank? Enabled City is a specialist technology provider and work to make it easier for disabled people to access technology online and in the outside world.

We hope you enjoy using it!

If you want to know more about Word-Bank please visit Enabled City and follow them on twitter @enabledcity

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