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Get Yourself Active Launches series of films about people getting active in their own way

Emily-chatting-about-why-it's-good-to-get-active!!We are very proud to share our brand new series of films following disabled people who are getting active in a way that is right for them… and owning it! We follow a group of individuals supported by Tom from Cheshire Centre for Independent Living (CCIL) who works to connect people up with activities and influence the support planning and personal budget process locally.

The Get Yourself Active project is all about building partnerships across health, social care and sports sectors led by Disabled Peoples User Led Organisations and we think the films show the great outcomes that can be achieved when these partners come together.

We had a great bunch of people involved in making the films;

Emily Yates, accessibility consultant and travel writer presents the films for us and gets involved in some of the activities. We are really pleased that Emily could be involved in making the films and talking us through the experiences of the active people we are following. Follow Emily @EmilyRYates

Tom Bell, CCIL GYA coordinator encouraged our active stars to get involved in the films and has done some excellent work linking people up with appropriate activities and influencing personal budget and support planning processes. Follow CCIL on twitter @cheshirecil

Melyssa, our star rock climber and her PA Clare show how personal assistants can and should be an important part of getting people active. Becky from The Boardroom was a great coach and her passion for rock climbing rubbed off on us all. Follow The Boardroom @BoardroomClimb

Ben and his personal trainer Kelly from David Lloyd Gym show that if there is the right support and encouragement to get active people feel more confident in themselves and feel that they have the freedom to make their own choices. Excellent gym moves Ben!

The guys at Scope Chester playing football with Wendy from Cheshire FA were willing to give it a go even though some of the group didn’t feel confident. It is great to see how working with the guys in a truly inclusive way, opened opportunities for involvement and inspired more people to get involved.

And finally, our friends at Fuzzy Duck did a great job of putting together an amazing film about people getting active and having the freedom, choice and control to really get something out of it. We really appreciate the work that Fuzzy Duck put into getting our stories across – THANK YOU. Follow the ducks @fuzzyduckcreate

Please share these great films with anyone you think might be interested!!

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