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Meeting New Role Models – My Time with Get Yourself Active

By Emily Yates

Emily-joining-in-with-the-football-sessionHaving volunteered at the London 2012 Games, and consulted for access and inclusion for the Rio 2016 metro systems, I’ve now got quite a good handle on major sporting events and how they work, especially for athletes, staff and spectators with disabilities. It’s incredible that so many determined, talented and flipping hard-working individuals can come together from across the globe and create something that not only gains medals, but wins over hearts and, most importantly, changes minds, attitudes and outlooks.

What I slowly came to realise, though, is that competing on the world’s stage is not possible for everyone, disabled or not. It then went deeper than that: without the correct information, funding and support from those in the health, social care and sporting sectors, many people with disabilities were finding it tough to get active at all. Sport is great for keeping fit and healthy, but it also has so many social benefits, as well as being one of the best things to promote confidence and self-esteem. Many of the people I met whilst filming were not getting that mind, body and soul fuel before the likes of Get Yourself ActiveCCIL and Scope in Chester worked their magic. And what a difference it has made – see for yourselves in the films!

Melyssa, Ben and all the guys at Scope Chester were great to work with, and their passion for the sports and activities they love will hopefully rub off on all that watch the videos, as it has with me. I met some true local role models, and hope that this fantastic initiative will create many more, all striving towards their personal best with their personal budgets. Let’s all get active and help each other, regardless of where it may lead.

Emily is the presenter in our latest films which follow different people getting active in a way that is right for them! You can find out more about Emily by visiting her website or following her on twitter @emilyryates


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