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VCSE Personal Health Budget Support Network



The Voluntary and Community Sector has an exciting opportunity to take a central role in supporting Clinical Commissioning Groups in the scale up and roll out of personal health budgets.

These days will offer you a unique opportunity to gain information, advice, and guidance on the Personal Health Budget process, both nationally and locally from NHS England and CCG colleagues, and individuals and organisations engaging with lived experience.

The network is brought to you by National Voices, NAVCA and Volunteering Matters.

To find out more and to book a place at you regional event CLICK HERE.

4 thoughts on “VCSE Personal Health Budget Support Network”

  1. Don’t forget to actively involve those of us who are unable to leave our beds and/or our homes. We use care services and are likely to be people who are allocated Personal Health Budgets but, because we are restriicted and trapped we don’t get to voice or opinions at public meetings.

  2. It took 3 years for my CCG to deal with my personal health budget application, only for it to find that I have no clinical needs whatsoever (which is nonsense in my view). Why did it take 3 years to decide an application that should have been an obvious case of someone failing to meet any of the criteria? Why put me through all of the stress and incovenience of making the application if it was sp definitively going to be rejected anyway?

  3. After long delays I’ve been awarded Chc but haven’t been offered personal health budget – does anyone know more about this ? I’d be grateful for any advice

    1. Dear Sandra,

      Thank you for your comment that was forwarded to me by my colleague.

      I understand that you have been awarded CHC after long delays but you were not given personal health budgets.

      If you have been granted CHC, then you should be able to request a personal health budget from your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or GP. The choice is yours in terms of you either choosing to have your needs directly met by the NHS team or if you rather want to apply for personal health budgets to enjoy the flexibility in managing your own care and support the way you want.

      Since you have expressed your wish in your comment that you wanted to be on personal health budgets then the CCG should discuss this with you and offer it to you. If CCG refuses, then they need to put in writing valid reasons for their refusal and you should be able to challenge their decision accordingly. If the reason for their refusal is that they are suspecting your ability to manage your personal health budgets, then this is not a convincing reason since you should be supported and given relevant information on managing the budget. It may be that they are still not familiar with it but personal health budgets is now rolled out across the country. Personal health budgets will enable you to purchase a range of services to address your needs such as a range of therapies or services to get active and so forth, and will enable you to stay healthy and safe.

      For further information, please click on the below link:

      I hope the above is satisfactory and responds to your query.

      Kindest regards,

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