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It is important that there are people in our communities who can use skills, experience and knowledge of independent living, community asset development to connect people with opportunities. If you are working in this way, you may be interested in support brokerage training.

The London Brokerage Network is the local provider of the National Brokerage Network’s training programme, which gained nationally-recognised accreditation by OCNCredit4Learning in 2011.  Participants who choose to take the accredited course will have to complete written coursework (to a deadline of approximately one month), which we anticipate will take about two working days.   Accreditation is also available retrospectively to trainees who have previously undertaken the full 5-day course in London.

The course is designed to cover the needs of everyone from a single disabled person wishing to do everything for themselves to a paid broker providing a full- or part-time service.  Trainees should have at least a basic knowledge of the social care system and typical terminology.

To find out more about the course and to book yourself a place click here.

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