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From Boccia to Ice Skating – It’s important to find the right activity for you!

great-eastern-run-1Jonathon’s story is told to us by his Personal Assistant, Mandy, who explains the different activities Jonathon takes part in, and his thirst to try new physical activities.

Jonathon was born on the 6th of August 1991, weighing a mere 5lb 11oz, and resulting in him being in special care for about three weeks. When Jonathon was around six months’ old he suffered a massive fit, which is where a bomb shell was dropped on the family and they were told Jonathon had cerebral palsy.


Jonathon’s family came together to raise money for him to go to the Peto Institute in Hungary, which teaches children who have cerebral palsy and cannot control their bodies very well to lead more independent lives. It was here that Jonathon had physio, enabling him to sit up and do other activities.

Jonathon went to a mainstream primary school and secondary where he had hydrotherapy. When schooling ended he went to college, but when that finished Jonathon became bored very quickly. It was then that I started to find sports activities for him to try.

hand-cyclingIn October 2014 I found a group that taught boccia. Even though Jonathon could not throw, he used a ramp to do what was needed. It was at boccia that someone suggested that Jonathon should try hand cycling, so in January 2015 we went to our local athletics track to see how he would get on. Although he needed a little assistance at first, he soon got into the swing of things and when it started to warm up he got quicker and quicker. At one point he did 10 laps of a 400m track!


Meanwhile, instead of doing just boccia on Monday nights, we started doing multi-sports. This included boccia, floor exercises, archery, rounders and many other activities. We were then invited to an inclusive ice skating session where Jonathon got to go on the ice. He really enjoyed it, especially when professionals took him round – they were a lot quicker than me!

We are now in 2016 and Jonathon is doing multi-sports on Mondays, hand cycling on Wednesdays and ice skating on Fridays. I did not think we could find anything else for Jonathon to do, but April saw the start of Sailability. This offered local disabled people the chance “to go sailing, to enjoy the fresh air and sense of freedom that this brings”.  So, on a Tuesday we would take Jonathon to a local lake where he would go and enjoy sailing (the stronger the wind the better). In June sailabilityof this year Sailability set up a Water Wheels Challenge. This meant Jonathon could sail a short course on a sailing boat on the lake, then go on to an adapted cycle, and cycle a small route before crossing the finish line. Jonathon has done this twice now and he loved it!

Whilst participating in the Water Wheels Challenge, they had other activities for people to try. This is where proper archery, as well as rebound therapy, were suggested to us.

archery-2Doing physical activity keeps Jonathon mobile, preventing him from becoming stiff and unable to do things. Jonathon now has a different activity to take part in each and every day: Monday is multi-sports; Tuesday is Sailability;  Wednesday is hand cycling; Thursday is rebound therapy; and Friday is archery and ice skating.

As for me, I am definitely feeling active but I feel more tired than he does.



On the 27th of November Jonathon and I completed a sponsored swim to raise money for Inspire Peterborough. We raised about £80 and the swim went brilliantly. I swam 86 lengths and Jonathon managed an amazing 24 lengths!

To read more about Jonathon, visit his Inspire Athlete profile page on the Inspire Peterborough website.

Want to find out what is available in your area? Take a look at Information in Your Local Area pages on this website.  

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3 thoughts on “From Boccia to Ice Skating – It’s important to find the right activity for you!”

  1. Hi this is inspiring but things work differently where I live. ! Despite qualifying for CHC my local authority won’t find any transport or Carer hours for activities!
    This means that unless my poor husband drives me then I’m stuck in the house as I can’t go out by myself .
    I’ve had major spinal surgeries and my surgeon supports the case for exercise in water but the local authority won’t fund it. I’ve been trying to get activities added to my care plan for 2 years but just get same old beurocracy even though this is against national CHC guidelines.

    1. Hello Sandra
      what we normally advise people is that if your needs have been assessed as eligible and this is reflected on your care and support plan, you can certainly utilize the funding flexibly and innovatively to meet your needs that include the transport costs. The local authority can offer you other free transport or alternative subsidized transport if they operate specific taxi cards schemes or dial a ride.

      You can make your complaint to a senior person in the Adult Social Services Department, contact your local MP and Ombudsman.

      Please read our free factsheets by clicking on the below links:

      We have sent you a more detailed email from our personal budgets adviser which we hope is useful.

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