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Table Tennis England’s Disability Table Grant Scheme

The Table Tennis England Disability Table Grant Scheme gives the opportunity to organisations or charities which work with disabled people to buy a table tennis table at a reduced rate, with prices starting from £160.

Funded by Sport England, the Disability Table Grant Scheme feeds into Table Tennis England’s target to increase the number of disabled people regularly participating in the sport to 25,600 by 2017.

Tabled Tennis

Applicants should work with over-16s, and successful applicants will also receive a resource pack including 10 bats, 12 balls, a ladder board and knockout cup posters. Delivery and installation is included.

To download an application form visit the Table Tennis England website, or for more information about the scheme, please contact Development Project Support Officer Helen Dennett on or 01908 208883.

8 thoughts on “Table Tennis England’s Disability Table Grant Scheme”

  1. Table tennis is an Olympic game 1st played by England. In this game included Olympic in 1988. It is so popular sports have 600 million fun in the world, everyone can play, playing table tennis is a source of fun and exercise.

    1. Hi Roland, Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately Get Yourself Active are not running this Table Tennis Scheme, we were just promoting it for Table Tennis England. The article was published over a year ago so it could be that the scheme is no longer in existence. I would recommend calling them on the number in the article or on any of the numbers or email addresses available on their website here: Thanks, Kirsty

  2. Ping pong otherwise known as table tennis is an extremely exhilarating and fun-filled game that you may like to give a try if you haven’t already done so. And It is also benefited for our Health and Fitness as well.

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