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Latest Active People Survey results show a decline in disabled people participating in physical activity

Figures from Sport England’s Active People Survey 10 results were published this week. On the whole, sports participation continues to increase, with 16.0 million adults over 16 years old now playing sport at least once a week. This is 1.88 million more than in 2005/6. However, most adults (57%) still do not play sport once a week.

800x691px-sport-england-motivate-east-0254There has also been a decline in the number of disabled people playing sport once a week, down 20,900 over the last 12 months to 1.60 million (16.8%), 600 fewer people than in March 2016. However, this figure is still an increase of 267,000 compared with APS1. Amongst people with a long term limiting illness or disability aged 14 years and over, 1.70 million (17.3%) played sport once a week.

It is not all bad, however! The gender participation gap which once stood at over two million, has narrowed to 1.55 million. 7.20 million women now do regular physical activity and play sport. This is a quarter of a million more women than when Sport England launched the This Girl Can campaign in January 2015.

The Rio Paralympics appears to have increased the profile of disability sport and had a huge positive effect in terms of participation by disabled people in the month of September 2016 (683,000 more compared to the same month in 2015).

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