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Leo Capella’s response to The crisis of disabled millennials: ‘It feels hopeless’

Earlier this month The Guardian newspaper released the article The crisis of disabled millennials: ‘It feels hopeless’

From work insecurity to student debt and unaffordable housing, young adults are facing huge challenges. And none more so than disabled people, with cuts to social care and accommodation making their lives increasingly impossible.

The article follows the lives of Clare Phipps, Ryan and Ashley Worth, and Gabi Howard-Lovell who have been prevented from participating in society and developing as individuals because of their impairments and their local authorities’ inabilities to provide them with adequate social care and housing.

Leo Capella from the I Can Make It project responds to the article below:

I hate seeing fellow disabled people miserable. And this article in the Guardian made me sad that situations like the ones described in it are happening on my watch, whether professionally or personally. However, I take comfort in the fact that I Can Make It and the other campaigns/projects at Disability Rights UK exist because we don’t want to just get mad. Instead we get smart and provide solutions to the challenges that people with disabilities and health conditions face including when it comes to jobs.
Gabi Howard-Lovell, if you’re out there do have a look at our webpage for more information about I Can Make It. And if you’re interested in becoming a champion for us then do drop me an e-mail. After all it would be really great if something positive could rise from these horrid situations.

“I Can Make It” is a three year campaign led by Disability Rights UK.  Its aim is to create new job opportunities for young disabled people using the Social Value Act as its main driver.  To find out more information about the I Can Make It campaign then visit the website, or if you would like to volunteer with the campaign.



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