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Being active improves my daughter’s quality of life

Tuesday 14 March 2017

The below case study came from the Disability Rights UK Personal Budgets helpline and inbox. Names of people have been changed as the caller wishes to remain anonymous.

By Banane Nafeh, Personal Budgets Advisor

Susan was concerned that her Local Authority (Haringey) had denied her 20-year-old daughter, Sarah, the right to use her Personal Budget for outdoor activities.

Sarah receives a Personal Budget to assist her with her Down’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, delayed speech and her difficulty socialising with her peers.

Sarah loves being active and wanted to use her Personal Budget to join a gym. Her main dream was to use it for horse riding. However, in July 2016 Sarah was told by her social worker that her Personal Budget was not intended to be used for horse riding or gym sessions.

With Sarah unable to use her Personal Budget to improve her wellbeing in the way that was right for her, she was stuck at home, unable to be active in her community. This had a negative impact on her. She became depressed, unable to engage and lost confidence, which consequently affected her language development and learning.

Her mum, Susan, sought advice from Disability Rights UK. Following our advice and literature, Susan has taken up her issue with a senior person in the adult social services department at Haringey Council. The Council acknowledged their fault and admitted Sarah was provided with the wrong information. They confirmed that Personal Budgets can be use for anything that constituted an activity as well as any activity that enhances Sarah’s independence and wellbeing.

Sarah’s case is now resolved and she is happy again. Her confidence and stimulus has once again been boosted through her enjoyment in horse riding and gym sessions. She is no longer stuck at home and depressed and she is enjoying more independence. Susan thanks us for our valuable advice and help, saying:

“My daughter now has a good quality of life as she is doing the activities she always wanted to do.”

The Disability Rights UK Personal Budgets Helpline telephone and email service (formerly the Self Directed Support Line) is an advice service that is open for individuals and organisations to receive information on Personal Budgets as part of the personalisation agenda.

Telephone: 0300 555 1525 or email Opening hours: 9.30am -1.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Find out more about getting active using personal budgets.

2 thoughts on “Being active improves my daughter’s quality of life”

  1. Thank you for sharing this story and raising this very important issue, which I found very helpful and is also encouraging to others. I had a 15 year fight with my Social Services to get the help I receive now and the finance department still would not agree to the level that their most senior Manager proposed.

  2. Hi , its fantastic Sarah can do what she loves. I suffered a TBI nearly 4years ago. I love walking and sport and was always very active before the accident, learned to walk again and am loving the outdoors again, getting active 😀 stay strong Susan. A.

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