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Take part in our research and receive a £15 Amazon Voucher :)

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Get Yourself Active and the University of Birmingham want to find out what you think about how information about physical activity and sport is presented to disabled people.

You can do this in your home. It would take in total about 15 minutes of your time.

The project

Disability Rights UK has partnered with University of Birmingham to conduct a study into how we produce knowledge and information about physical activity aimed at disabled people.

Our findings

Disability Rights UK has been working with partners in disabled people’s user led organisations to develop models of practice to support more disabled people to be active locally. The evidence we will gather from this research will help us to understand how disabled people want physical activity knowledge to be communicated.

Who should take part in the research?

We would like to hear from you…

  • If you consider yourself disabled and affected by one or more of the following impairments: amputation, spinal cord injury, restricted growth, Cerebral Palsy, visual impairment, hearing impairment
  • If you have been unable to take part regularly in physical activity or sport for a while
  • If you are over the age of 18

How to get involved

Get in touch with us if you are interested in taking part in our research and give us your name and the best way for the researcher to contact you. We will then arrange a time for you to take part in the researcher from your own home. Once your bit is done you will receive your £15 Amazon voucher. You may also randomly be selected to receive £100 Amazon Voucher!

Who to contact

Eva Jaarsma – Research Fellow at University of Birmingham


Read more about the partnership between Get Yourself Active and the University of Birmingham.

55 thoughts on “Take part in our research and receive a £15 Amazon Voucher :)”

    1. Hi I’d like to take part in the research . I’ve spinal cord damage and major spinal surgery and spend lots of time in wheelchair. I’m also diabetic. Social services have once again refused funding for s Carer to take me swimming !

    2. I am interested in taking part in your survey, I’m a part time wheelchair user, but use sticks most of the time, unless I’m out for a day.

      I am 45, with 5 children

    3. I would be happy to take part in your research. I have a spinal cord disease and am an electric wheelchair user. I had to retire early 10 years ago when I was only 43 due to the ongoing complications of my spinal cord disease.

    4. Hello
      I am interested partaking your research as I am born deaf with many deafness in my family. I think I am a seven generation of deafness. My wife is also deaf so is two of our three children are deaf.
      I am retired now but was a deaf teacher of the deaf.

  1. I would be very interested in taking part in the research as I\’m disabled and cannot take part in any physical activity without being in immense pain either that day or for the following few days. I\’m also incontinent and because of this even though my physio wanted me to try hydrotherapy o was told by the hydrotherapy team that because of my Incontinence I cannot go as it\’s a risk of contamination . I understand this but because of my conditions the only exercise that might have helped me was denied because of one of my other conditions. Surely by now on this day and age someone would have invented some way of allowing incontimemt people access to swimming or exercise for hydrotherapy ?

    1. Hello, I am also incontinent due to a spinal cord injury, and a keen swimmer before my injury – hoping to get back to it soon. There are options for incontinent swimmers! There are waterproof pants available that can hold pads and keep them dry, for example. Also, Coloplast/Peristeen makes an anal plug for people with faecal incontunence which can be used while swimming.

    2. There is help for you. If you search for ‘Incontinence swimwear for adults UK’ on the internet, you should find a product that is suitable for you. There is merchandise for both types of incontinence. They range from disposable briefs, which can be worn under a regular costume, to swimwear that is specifically designed to solve this problem. If you suffer from pain, hydrotherapy is a brilliant way to exercise. Please don’t let this stop you. Good luck!

    3. at my local hydrotherapy pool they use what they call swim nappies, I don’t know if they would be suitable for you but it is worth trying, I have ulcerative colitis

  2. Had several spinal operstions, Cervical and Lumber 5.
    I have osteoarthritis in most joints, do you need me please?
    I suffer from PTSD following a serious car crash.
    Have BPPV.

    1. Had several spinal operations, Cervical and Lumber 5.
      I have osteoarthritis in most joints, do you need me please?
      I suffer from PTSD following a serious car crash.
      Have BPPV.

  3. I have MS and my last episode left me unable to walk, I was given steroids and that gave me feeling in my legs but I can only walk a few steps with a frame. I would like to get back to walking without a frame, I am a 64yr old woman and would just like to get back how I was before this last episode .
    Thank you
    Marie Dicken

  4. Hi
    I’ve attempted 4 times to email Eva Jaarsma using the email address provided and it’s failed to be delivered each time.
    Is there another email address for her?

  5. Hello my name is Alison .
    I would like to get active but it’s hard I’ve got below amputation and my
    Right leg is my worse one . Had loads operations on it.

  6. Hi I Would like to take part in your study research I have Spinal Cord Injury T10-T12 L1 Lumbar Spine Area I Can’t Stand Or Walk Need Equipment I’m currently at Stoke Mandeville Spinal Centre.

  7. hello
    i am deafblind and have been paralysed from the chest down by polio since a child
    and i am very interested

  8. If I can participate then I would like to. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, pulmonary hypertension, brittle asthma, non epileptic seizures and also awaiting results on ms as the feeling in my right leg comes and goes and I am unable to bare weight on my legs too. I am also awaiting for x ray results to confirm suspected rheumatoid arthritis in my hips and knees. I am a wheelchair user and also oxygen dependant too. Aged 35

  9. I suffer from severe recurrent depression, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, raised blood pressure, angina and high colestoral to name but a few 🙁

  10. Hi. I’ve tried emailing Eva a number of times, but the email gets bounced back. I have Septic/Osteoarthritis, UCTD, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome, Bronchiectasis, Blood Pressure, Osteopenia, Lupus, Chostocondritis. Hiatus Hernia, Cervical Spondylitis, etc. If i can be our any help to you ,please get in touch.

  11. I am disabled due to an operation that went wrong on a hernia, which damaged my nerves to my leg (R) I also can not exercise due to this damage as I also have COPD and Emphysema. I have lost total sight in my left eye for reasons unknown, am totally deaf in my right ear and slight impairment to left ear due to explosions whilst serving as a fireman. I also have many other medical problems caused by side effects of medications to reduce pain levels.

  12. I have degenerative spinal condition. I have bladder incontinence. I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I would like to take part in the research.

  13. I am interested in taking part in your survey, I’m a part time wheelchair user, but use sticks most of the time, unless I’m out for a day.

    I am now 6i2 years young and have charcot marie tooth disease together with severe hypermobility

  14. Had several spinal operations, Cervical 6/7 and Lumber 5.
    I have osteoarthritis in most joints, do you need me please? Interested in your research.
    Physical exercise is too painful, slow when crossing roads for example.
    Can’t complete many tasks now, in too much pain, attend a pain group monthly.
    I suffer from PTSD following a serious car crash.
    Have BPPV.

  15. I have hemiplegic migraine, chronic daily migraines, blackouts with occasional fits and fibromyalgia and I’d like to take part. R

  16. I would like to take part in your research. I am a recent amputee after suffering for 20 years of problems with my ankle due to a dislocation and many failed operations.

  17. Hi Eva
    I have MS and spinal injuries.
    I’m self employed, working with my wife’s SEN and Assessment and publishing educational practice, .
    I swim nearly every morning as I cannot run (anymore) and am hoping to acquire a recumbent bike, but being up 800 feet I need e-power assistance =£5k, so for now it’s a dream! Happy to help.

  18. Hi, I would be very happy to be contacted for the research. I have abdominal nerve damage leading to chronic pain

  19. What a great idea, it is easy to think that you are unable to be active with a disability but you can be. Our daughter can use just one arm and is growth restricted and visually impaired yet she attends wheelchair dance classes, boccia and curling classes and also
    assisted swimming at our local pool which has the most amazing changing facilities and a dedicated inclusion programme . It has eased her pain and she is happier because of the contact with others who treat her as an equal. It would be wonderful if every local sports center had a group aimed at inclusion.

  20. Could I ask why the study does not involve other disabled groups / impairment types and why it does not extend to mental health, people with learning difficulties etc.?

    1. Hi Liam,

      As with most research studies there will always be limitations. It was the researcher’s decision to select just those six disabilities, and I believe they were selected because they were quite distinct from one another and easily distinguishable. We are aware that there are so many different physical and mental impairments, but due to limited resources I think the researchers wanted to focus on specific types because generalising the group would not account for all of the differences between them that they can experience.

      I hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions then I can reach out to the researcher and put you in touch with them if you require.

  21. I was born with all four limbs shortened as a consequence of the Thalidomide. . I have been able to find a way to exercise and improve my mobility and exercise regularly. I use an anti gravity treadmill (Alter G).. I am wondering why you are not including people with positive experiences to participate?

    1. Hi Simone, thanks for getting in touch. We are not excluding people with positive experiences, but we want to hear from people who have been unable to participate in physical activity or sport for a while so that we can find out what the barriers are for them. For people to be getting active regularly means that they are either not facing significant barriers or they have found ways to overcome these barriers, in which case this isn’t what we are setting out to measure. Thanks, Kirsty

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