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Social workers needed to support with health and wellbeing research and receive a £25 gift voucher

Thursday 17 August 2017

Disability Rights UK has partnered with University of Birmingham and Sport England to develop evidence based guidelines to help social workers to have conversations with disabled people in receipt of social care support (personal budgets and direct payments) about how and where to be physically active and importantly why.

Our findings

Disability Rights UK has been working with partners in disabled people’s user led organisations to develop models of practice to support more disabled people to be active locally. The evidence we have gathered through our partners has helped us to understand that social workers are an important group of professionals who can instigate positive conversations about physical activity as part of assessment, support planning and review processes. We now want to find a way to support busy social work professionals to transfer this crucial information and knowledge about physical activity to the people they support.

Evidence based guidelines

Our guide will include:

  • Information and statistics on the benefits of physical activity for disabled people in particular
  • Examples of good practice
  • Evidence of the outcomes associated with physical activity
  • Advice in how to quickly and easily source information about what activities are available for people to access

What we need

We are seeking social work practitioners who can give up one hour of their time to speak with the researchers at University of Birmingham about the guidelines we have developed.

We may ask participants to take part in a further evaluation of the guidelines at a later date for one hour.

How to get involved

If you or someone you know would be interested in taking part in the research, please contact Leanne Wightman on 020 7250 8186 or email You will receive a £25 gift voucher for participating in this research.

2 thoughts on “Social workers needed to support with health and wellbeing research and receive a £25 gift voucher”

  1. hi Leanne

    I am a retired mental health sw and spend a day a week as a volunteer at Northampton Sailability. there are centrers nationwide. Not sure if it is on your radar but we are user led, our chair and half committee are users and many volunteers are disabled. My daughter is a wheel chair user with ahead injury and is a member. she sailed before but it has helped her enormously to devlop skills and confidance and now she instructs. I also see member with a learning disability develop the skills and confidance to sail off alone and go where they want. The RYA website is very good with videos ect. I think it is one of the best activites as it can include children to 85 and severe disabilities who like to lie on a bean bag and enjoy the wind and noise to people who are expert sailors with all disabilities.

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