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New joint fact sheet by DR UK and EFDS on Personalisation released

Disability Rights UK and EFDS have released a new fact sheet that provides information about the personalisation agenda and top tips on how to support disabled people to be active using personal budgets.

The fact sheet is the latest addition to a collection of engagement resources that advises organisations on how they can plan, target and deliver more appealing and accessible activities for disabled people. Disability Rights UK and EFDS hope this new resource will lead to more successful engagement ideas for disabled people to be and stay active for life.

The fact sheet covers the following topics:

  • What is the personalisation agenda?
  • What is a personal budget?
  • How do personal budgets link to being active?
  • Top tips for engaging personal budget holders and other disabled people in physical activity

Disability Rights UK supports personalisation and believes that independent living is about more than the care disabled people receive. It is about enhancing independence, wellbeing and quality of life. Being active is an important way to feel good, socialise and be part of the community.

For more information about personal budgets, visit Disability Rights UK website.

To access the new fact sheet: Supporting disabled people to be active using personal budgets click  DR UK EFDS Engagement Resource Personal Budgets


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