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Saddle Up for Summer with Accessibility Mark

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Summer is the ideal time for new challenges. The long days and warm weather can help motivate anyone to get involved in a new sport or activity.

It has never been easier for disabled people to have a go at horse riding with 48 Accessibility Mark accredited centres up and down the country, providing riding opportunities for people with a range of physical and learning disabilities.

The RDA, in partnership with the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), launched the revolutionary Accessibility Mark scheme to work with commercial riding centres with the aim of getting more disabled people to participate in riding.

Heading down to the stables is also more than just about the physical benefits that can be gained from regular sessions in the saddle. For many disabled people life can sometimes feel isolating, and while riding is very much about being at one with your horse and the sense of freedom it brings, it is also a time to meet up with other like-minded horse mad people.

Most Accessibility Mark sessions will be performed in a group, where friendships are formed, that are based on a foundation of a mutual love of horses and not on each individual’s disabilities.

This social interaction is also strongly linked with an improvement in confidence and self-esteem, providing a few hours to escape from their day to day challenges.

If you are looking to learn a new skill, while making some new friends, this summer contact your nearest Accessibility Mark centre to find out about the horse riding options available to you.

Accessibility Mark status is awarded to a riding centre that has been approved by the RDA following training and assessment. The close link with the RDA means that it can offer continuous support to the establishment to ensure it provides a first-class experience that aims to be hugely beneficial.

To find your nearest RDA Group or Accessibility Mark centre visit  

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