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1000 Tweaks: An initiative between Get Yourself Active and Leicester City Council.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Get Yourself Active and Leicester City Council are working together to see how we can make Leicester a healthier place to live as part of a new initiative called “1000 Tweaks”.

The ‘1000 tweaks’ initiative is a large-scale campaign that will encourage individuals, families, organisations, places, and businesses to make a few small changes to their day to day routines to help children and young people to eat good food and enjoy physical activity. The idea is that across the city all the small changes made by individuals, families, schools, charities and many more will add up to over ‘1000 tweaks’!

Get Yourself Actives’ delivery partner, LCiL, are pledging to make their West End Neighbourhood Centre a healthier place to be by making a few small Tweaks!

Daniel Ball, Get Yourself Active Sports Broker for LCiL said:

“This is a great initiative put forward by Leicester City Council, and is just one of the ways the Get Yourself Active project is working in the city to make it a happy, healthier place to live.”
“We’re pledging to make our centre a healthier place to be by making sure free water is on tables during our weekly Social Media Café, and use the cafes as a way to showcase physical activities opportunities.”

For more information about 1000 Tweaks click here.

In other news:This is the latest example of the work that our delivery partners do to help disabled people become more physically active. Click here to find out more about them.

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