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A personal take on the Tell us about Your Care partnership

17 August 2018

You may be aware that Disability Rights UK and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have a partnership to get you to tell us about care you receive from different providers. Our Communications Officer for Get Yourself Active, Leo Capella, provides his own perspective on providing feedback.

So you’re probably thinking:

Do the staff at Disability Rights UK do the things that we “urge” you to do like telling the CQC about the care we’ve received?

Well actually we do.

I’ve filled in the CQC form online at least once. I felt that it was nice to do as it gave me control and given that I didn’t have any concerns on that day it was nice to highlight some best practice including the friendly, clear, staff.

The online form itself is a short process around 5-10 minutes to fill in. And an easy one to go through with the option to leave irrelevant parts out. There is also a telephone option which you can use by dialing 0330 995 0400 and choosing option 1.

And knowing that I could fill in the survey and highlight any problems at the end of the day helped me remain composed as well as having some degree of control. And knowing that it’s around for any further issues is actually good to know for future trips.

After all it’s nice to know that I can be positive about the care that I’ve receive, as well as highlight things that worry me in future visits. And I’m not the only staff member volunteer or trustee that’s filled in the CQC form in.

And this service is not just for reporting your experiences of care in hospital. It’s for a whole list, including ones that aren’t just about medically based conditions but also service providers.

For example, I could actually review my experiences at a dentists, which is something that I’ll do the next time I go for a check-up of my teeth!

Also CQC really appreciate any feedback they can get their hands on. I say this as a few hours after my report I got a nice call from a CQC investigator who said it helps them with reviewing hospitals and thanked me letting them know about the care I received.

The CQC website can be accessed here, and in the meantime you can also provide direct feedback to the CQC on your experience of using any of the services they regulate. NB please remember to select Disability Rights UK in the ‘how heard’ section!

A leaflet that provides further information on our partnership can be downloaded here.

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