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Disability Rights UK reacts to: ‘The Activity Trap: Disabled people’s fear of being active’

8 October 2018

Earlier this morning (8 October) Activity Alliance published new research that shows almost half of disabled people fear losing their benefits if they are seen to be physically active

Responding on behalf of Disability Rights UK, Kamran Mallick our Chief Executive said:

“The Activity Trap opens the debate into how disability discrimination impacts physical activity. It is the first time that the sports and activity sector has delved knowingly into the wider systemic barriers that affect disabled people’s ability to be active.

“Being active and reaping the benefits from activity does not happen in isolation. We cannot continue to assume that becoming active is a simple process of moving from inactive to active. There are many stages and considerations in between that we may not even associate with taking part in sport and active recreation.

“To many disabled people, finding appropriate transport, getting personal support or even having the confidence to leave the house can affect our motivations to be more active. We need to understand the challenges and barriers that disabled people face on a daily basis, including how we are represented in the media. It is not simply because we do not want to take part or cannot be bothered.”

In other news: The Activity Trap: Benefits or being fit?

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