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Research conducted by Get Yourself Active and the University of Birmingham reaches nearly one hundred and fifty participants.

12 October 2018

Nearly one hundred and fifty disabled people have taken part in a study into how we produce knowledge and information about physical activity aimed at disabled people in partnership with the University of Birmingham.


All of them including our volunteer for Get Yourself Active Iyiola have received a fifteen pound Amazon Gift Voucher and have been entered into a draw for a £100 one.

Nearly one hundred and fifty people is a major milestone for a research project and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part so far. We’d also like to thank everyone who has shared our calls for participants which has helped us get to this point.

However we still need more disabled people to complete a roughly fifteen minute online questionnaire and a follow up one. So if you:

  •  Consider yourself disabled and affected by one or more of the following impairments: amputation, spinal cord injury, restricted growth, Cerebral Palsy, visual impairment, hearing impairment
  •  Have been unable to take part regularly in physical activity or sport for a while
  •  Are over the age of 18

And would like to take part contact Eva Jaarsma, Research Fellow at University of Birmingham by e-mailing her at: . When you contact her give her your name and the best way for the researcher to contact you. We will then arrange a time for you to take part in the research from your own home. Once your bit is done you will receive your £15 Amazon voucher.

If you can’t take part for any reason then please do share this call with anyone who might be interested.

Thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to seeing more disabled people take part in what is an interesting project!

In other news: For more information about our research partnership with the University of Birmingham please go here.

5 thoughts on “Research conducted by Get Yourself Active and the University of Birmingham reaches nearly one hundred and fifty participants.”

  1. Yes. Fear of being visible whilst taking any excercise in the hopes of improving health is a very real issue for me – and has undoubtedly negatively effected my health.
    I am happy to give a 15minute interview over the phone, but would need to know exactly when, as I sleep during the day and am up and about most of the night, unless I have a migraine – which I have quite often.
    I also don’t answer, or reply to, unknown numbers, so I would need to put the caller’s number into my phone, ahead of time.

    1. Hello JC

      Thank you for expressing your interest in taking part in the research project.

      What I will do is pass on your e-mail address to the researcher. They will then contact you via e-mail to arrange a precise time for a telephone interview with their telephone number so you can put it in your phone.

      Best wishes

      Leo Capella
      Communications Officer, Get Yourself Active

  2. This sounds an excellent piece of research. I’ve been disabled for over ten years and would like to participate in the research even though I’m now 65. I was always active till injured as a runner, cyclist and gardener, its frustrating that I can no longer participate like I used to.

  3. I believe this research is exactly what’s needed to help many disabled people get active in some way. I have several hidden disabilities, some which restrict my mobility greatly and would be more than happy to take part in an interview.

    1. Hello Jan

      Thanks for expressing such appreciation for our research. I’ll pass your e-mail address on to our researcher who will be in touch with you.

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