Our partners

We are a partnership of seven Disabled People’s User Led Organisations (DPULOs), working together to develop better opportunities for disabled people to get active.


Equal participation in physical activity for all


As disabled people leading change we will champion the right of disabled people to take part in, and benefit from, physical activity to improve our wellbeing in a way that is right for us. We will transform attitudes and perceptions of disability and physical activity by informing, empowering and supporting disabled people and other key stakeholders.

The partnership will develop and share models of practice which empower and support disabled people to get and stay active.

Disability rights uk logo

Disability Rights UK

We are disabled people leading change, working for equal participation for all. Our three main areas of work are;

  • Independent living: getting a life
  • Career opportunities: getting work, education and skills
  • Influencing public attitudes and behaviours: seeking a sea change in perceptions of disability and tackling hostility, bullying and hate crime

We are leading the Get Yourself Active project and we carry out all of the national work for the project. Please contact Leanne Wightman for more information on our national work. You can read Leanne’s latest blog here

Email: leanne.wightman@disabilityrightsuk.org
Tel: 020 7250 8186
Twitter: @GetYrselfActive

LCIL logo

Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living

Our mission is to provide a range of professional disability services in Leicester and Leicestershire that empower disabled people and their family and friends and organisations to positively respond to disability and equality issues and contribute to achieving independence, inclusion and equality for disabled people.

Get Yourself Active Leicester is coordinated by Daniel Ball.

Email: daniel.ball@lcil.org.uk
Tel: 0116 222 5005
Web: http://www.lcil.org.uk
Twitter: @LeicesterCIL

Cheshire centre for independant living logo

Cheshire Centre for Independent Living

We aim to empower disabled people to have independence, choice and control over their lives and remove the barriers that exist within society.

  • Being user-led.
  • Recognising and valuing the contribution of disabled people.
  • Recognising and valuing the contribution of family and carers.
  • Respecting the views and needs of disabled people (regardless of age or impairment).
  • Being transparent in all dealings with disabled people, commissioners and staff.
  • Supporting the right to have choice, control and independence for all disabled people.
  • Acknowledging and appreciating equality and diversity.
  • Acting in an ethical way.

Get Yourself Active Coordinator is Tom Bell and you can read his latest blog here. (link to blog pages)

Inspire Peterborough Logo

Inspire Peterborough

Inspire Peterborough is project of Disability Peterborough, a local registered disability charity. Inspire Peterborough promotes sport and leisure activities, as well as promoting Health and Wellbeing initiatives and support for disabled people and their family members and carers.

Building upon the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will support and inspire all disabled people in Peterborough to have better life outcomes through participating in sport, leisure activities and volunteering.

  • First point of contact for anyone interested in disability sports or leisure activities
  • Signpost to opportunities, advice and information
  • Provider of a service for anyone who is interested in volunteering

The Get Yourself Active programme in Peterborough is coordinated by Nikki Griffiths.

Disability Equality North West Logo

Disability Equality North West

We are a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) based in Preston that started in 1996. We are run and controlled by disabled people. Our main aim is to further the human rights of disabled people across the North West and we provide a number of user-led services to support disabled people and achieve this aim. The different services we offer have arisen out of local community needs and they promote the Social Model of Disability.

Disability Equality NW is for all disabled people and exists to provide services which help disabled people live independently.

Current services include:

  • Advice, information and client liaison
  • Hate Crime Reporting and Support
  • Group Activities and Training
  • Managed Accounts for Self Directed Support
  • Peer support

The Get Yourself Active programme in Preston is coordinated by Mark Buckley.

Active Iindependence Logo

Active Independence

We’re a small charity based in Doncaster. We offer advice, support and assistance to anyone encountering one of the many barriers facing disabled people, and those who care for them.

We don’t think disability is dealt with very well. We’re here to change that.

Our aspirations:

  • To provide information, advice, advocacy, training and support to enable disabled people to have choice and control, and to live independent lives.
  • To raise aspirations and confidence among disabled people, families and carers to facilitate choice, control and independent living.
  • To campaign for the right for disabled people to have choice and control, in order to live independently and with dignity.

The Get Yourself Active programme in Doncaster is coordinated by Barbara Booton.

Email: info@activeindependence.org
Tel: 07917 607730
Web: activeindependence.org
Twitter: @active_ind

Disability Sheffield Logo

Disability Sheffield Centre for Independent Living

We are a membership and user led organisation, run and controlled by disabled people. We promote independent living for disabled people in Sheffield. By independent living we mean that disabled people have the same freedom and rights to exercise choice and control over their own lives as any other person.

We are committed to the ‘social approach’ to disability, rather than the ‘medical approach’. People with impairments are disabled by the barriers they face in every day life – such as inaccessible communication formats, people’s attitudes or inaccessible buildings – not by the way minds and bodies work. This approach has now been adopted as good practice by central government, Sheffield City Council and NHS Sheffield as well as internationally.

Our Aims are:

  • To work with and encourage disabled people to take control over their lives and achieve full participation in society – at home, at work and in the community.
  • To strengthen the participation and voice of disabled people within the planning, delivery and monitoring of resources and services to support independent living.
  • To work in partnership with the public, private, voluntary community and faith sectors in the best interests of disabled people.
  • To deliver responsive, high quality and professional services and projects that meet needs identified by disabled people to support independent living.

The Get Yourself Active programme in Sheffield is coordinated by Emily Morton.