HIIT workouts by British Blind Sport

British Blind Sport (BBS) have a variety of videos available with different exercises, including some high intensity workouts to get your blood pumping and sweat out the frustrations of the day. The videos cover a variety of disciplines and from a range of instructors, to ensure that you can stay fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home.

Explore the range of pre-recorded videos and live sessions available here.

Aerobic exercises by WheelyGoodFitness

Wheely Good Fitness has been hosting a number of wheelchair-focused videos during this period of lockdown on the Wheely Good Fitness YouTube channel, including great aerobic sessions! Most videos also have a standing variation of the exercises.


Mencap have some short YouTube videos available which show you some exercises you can do at home. This includes a variety of exercises including twists, jumps and marching!

Adapt to Perform

Ben, from Adapt to Perform (who you may recognise from our Active@Home series) has a large variety of videos available on his YouTube channel. There are various exercises but many of these are cardio and/or strength related. He also has many live videos on his channel, so you can take part at the same time as others to give yourself some motivation.

BSL exercise videos from Living Options Devon

Living Options Devon (LOD) has a variety of videos, with BSL and subtitles, available on their YouTube channel. The videos contain a number of energetic exercises to increase your heart rate