Parasport seated workouts

Parasport have a few seated exercise videos available, this includes stretching and mobility exercises as well as an aerobic routine.

MS society seated workouts

Dom Thorpe is a specialist in exercise for disabled people and has created a variety of videos for the MS society to keep active at home. All of the exercises are suitable for wheelchair users.

Seated workouts by Ella Beaumont

Ella Beaumont, who has a degree in Sport Coaching Science and is experienced in Wheelchair Basketball as well as other sports, has been offering a large variety of seated workouts on her YouTube channel. These include a variety of exercises that you can try from the comfort of your own home.

Seated workouts by Rosaria Barreto

Rosie is a personal trainer, GP referral instructor and Sports coach. She created her YouTube channel to help people with long term health conditions to exercise and keep fit, whilst ensuring it is pain free! She has a variety of exercises available on her channel, including many seated workouts.

Seated exercises by the Disability Resource Centre

The Birmingham Disability Resource Centre (DRC) provides a range of services to disabled people across the West Midlands, empowering them to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential. As part of their Fit for Life, Health and Wellbeing programme, they run a regular podcast. In the following episode, Roy Kimberley (DRC’s Fit for Life Coordinator) takes viewers through a seated exercise workout, and shows how – with a bit of creativity – exercise can be accessible for everyone.

Wheelpower's guide to resistance band training

In this video, Ella Beaumont introduces resistance bands and demonstrates how to safely use the equipment to improve your fitness.

Do check out some of the further Resistance Bands Workouts delivered by the WheelPower instructors

Seated exercise by Living Options Devon

Subtitled and in British Sign Language, these exercise sessions are perfect for members of the Deaf Community and people with restricted mobility wanting to get moving and be more active and mindful.