Downloadable Resources

Making Sense of Mini-Games

Sense have created this resource to help disabled people to be more active, with a booklet of suitable games and activities that can be enjoyed with little or no equipment or in any sized space. You can find step by step instructions included in each activity, as well as lists of equipment needed, how to make activities easier, harder or more sensory, and which outcomes can be achieved by taking part in the activity.

It’s been primarily designed for all people who support disabled people, whether they are parents, siblings, carers, support staff, sports coaches or volunteers. Disabled people who are independent may also use it as inspiration for their own activities. It’s applicable for all ages, and offers suggestions to activities that can be done individually, or within a group setting (where applicable).

Special Olympics Resources

Special Olympics Great Britain have produced a whole web page of resources to help people with a learning disability of all ages and their families active while at home. There’s a whole range of things available on there from flash cards to posters and videos, so just click on the image above to access them.

Click below for an example of their family flash cards with various ideas of how to get active, and explore their website to see the variety of resources available.

Boccia England resources

Boccia England have released free resources on their website to help teach people how to play the sport and also practise their skills at home by playing fun games.

The resources will introduce you to boccia and provide you with fun activities to practice your boccia skills at home. See below for an example resource around activities you can do with hoops, and explore their website to find more free resources.

Adult Exercise Advice for People with Muscle Wasting Conditions

Jo Reffin is a specialist neuromuscular physiotherapist at King’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London. Jo has worked with neuromuscular colleagues from across the UK to create updates to exercise advice for adults living with a neuromuscular condition.

Sensory Exercises poster

A movement based exercise poster that aims to improve your mobility and coordination. The poster includes nine sensory inclusive and accessible exercises, adaptions to make exercises easier, harder or more sensory, top tips and suggested wider outcomes.

The exercises have been designed for people with complex disabilities but can be enjoyed by anyone, of any age, anytime, in any space.

Mencap Inclusion Games

Mencap have launched their very own Inclusion Games, download their Inclusion Games pack (PDF) below.

Have a go at a bit of boccia, wheelchair basketball, goalball, sitting volleyball, or badminton. See if you can bag yourself a medal!

If you would like to know more about the Paralympics, including information about other disabled athletes and how you can watch them as they battle for a medal, have a look at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games pack (PDF).