Toolkits for Professionals

UK Chief Medical Officers' physical activity guidelines

The report contains guidance for health professionals, policymakers and others working to promote physical activity, sport and exercise for health benefits. This also includes recommendations for disabled adults.

A guide to Active Support

Active support is a way of providing assistance to people which focuses on making sure they are engaged and participating in all areas of life, and is important when supporting people to be active. United Response have created a guide which describes why active support is fundamental for all the people we support. It details the essential components and strategies that must be in place to ensure support is well-organised, effective and truly meeting the needs of the individual.

STEP tool for adapting activites

Activity Alliance has developed a resource which explains the the top ways to adapt activities so more people can move more while at home. The STEP tool is one of the most effective ways to use household items to be active. STEP stands for Space, Task, Equipment and People.